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My Animal Crossing: New Leaf QR Code by nanashi89
My Animal Crossing: New Leaf QR Code
I created a QR code for a design based on the Japan-only horror game, "Nanashi No Game: Me!"

Animal Crossing: New Leaf belongs to Nintendo.
Nanashi No Game: Me belongs to Square-Enix.
EDIT: Also works on Happy Home Designer. Happy Spoopyween!

Visit to stop the government takeover of the Internet.

In a world where the web is open and free and innovation spans the globe, one man has a secret plan to seize control of the Internet.
He has a phone. He has a pen. And he claims he has the power to do it.
It’s not the first secret government plan to take over a sector of the US economy.
NANCY PELOSI: We have to pass this bill to find out what’s in this bill.
VOICE OVER: But against all odds, one man is fighting back.
AJIT PAI: I want a free and open Internet. Most people do.
VOICE OVER: One man believes Americans deserve to know more.
AJIT PAI: The public has a right to know what its government is doing.
VOICE OVER: One man shines light into the darkest corners government.
AJIT PAI: If you told the average American that the FCC is going to propose regulations for the Internet economy that are 332 pages longand you're not going to be able to see it until the FCC adopts it, they would think that's the wrong way to go.
LARRY KING: Wait a minute. You can’t tell me what’s in the document?
AJIT PAI: That is correct.
VOICE OVER: From the government that brought you , spying on journalists, an abuse of power from the IRS comes, and HealthCare.Gov comes the Department of the Internet.
MARTHA MACALLEN: Net neutrality is Obamacare for the Internet. The Internet should not operate at the speed of government
"Let the litigation begin."
- Trial Lawyers Daily
"We’re not going to work hard, but we’re sure going to bill hard."
- The K Street Journal
"You can fool all of the people all of the time."
- The Politicians Insider
VOICE OVER: Coming Soon -- on February 26th -- prepare for the Department of the Internet.
But it’s going to take more than one man to stop the government’s takeover of the Internet.
Contact Congress today and demand to find out how the FCC plans to change the Internet. Congress should demand that this rule be made public before the FCC votes on it in two weeks.
AJIT PAI: Let the American public see this plan.

Save the Internet!


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:iconyeahboiplz:Check out this cool app, open Safari and go to on your iPhone or touch. It gives apps like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja for free. You can also get free $5, $10 and $15 iTunes, Amazon Gift Cards as rewards. Input my invitation code b476841 we both can get 2500 points.

Because most of the time, half a loaf is better than none!

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